Experience the pinnacle of automotive luxury and care with our top-notch car valeting service! Our dedicated team of skilled professionals is committed to transforming your vehicle into a pristine work of art, both inside and out.

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We use only the finest, eco-friendly products to ensure your car’s finish shines brilliantly while preserving the environment. Whether it’s a quick exterior wash, comprehensive interior detailing, or a combination of both, we tailor our services to meet your unique needs. Trust us to provide the ultimate care for your beloved automobile, and let us make every drive a truly exceptional experience.

What is Car Valeting?

Car valeting, often referred to as "auto detailing" in some regions, is a comprehensive and meticulous cleaning and restoration process for vehicles, primarily cars. The goal of car valeting is to clean, rejuvenate, and protect a vehicle's appearance, both inside and out, to restore it to a like-new condition or even better.

Typically, a car valeting service includes a range of cleaning and maintenance tasks, which may vary depending on the service level or package chosen. Here are some common elements of a car valeting service:

Exterior Cleaning: This involves washing the vehicle's exterior, and removing dirt, grime, and contaminants. It may also include activities like clay bar treatment to remove embedded pollutants.

Paint Correction: This step focuses on polishing and buffing the paint to eliminate minor scratches, swirl marks, and imperfections, resulting in a glossy finish.

Waxing and Sealing: Applying protective wax or sealant to the paint helps protect it from environmental factors like UV rays and road debris. Some services also offer ceramic coating for long-lasting protection.

Wheel and Tire Cleaning: Cleaning and shining the wheels and tires to enhance their appearance.

Interior Cleaning: Vacuuming, shampooing, and detailing the interior of the vehicle. This includes cleaning seats, carpets, mats, and various surfaces such as the dashboard, door panels, and centre console.

Leather and Upholstery Treatment: For vehicles with leather seats or upholstery, specialized products are used to clean, condition, and protect them.

Window Cleaning: Cleaning both the interior and exterior of windows and mirrors.

Engine Bay Cleaning: Some services offer engine bay cleaning to remove dirt and grime from the engine compartment.

Odor Removal: Treating the interior to remove any unpleasant odours, such as those caused by pets, food spills, or smoke.

Final Inspection: A detailed inspection to ensure that all areas of the vehicle have been properly cleaned and detailed.

Car valeting can vary in terms of the level of service and the products used. Some services offer basic cleaning and maintenance, while others provide more extensive treatments, including paint correction and protection. Car valeting can help maintain a vehicle's value, improve its aesthetics, and extend its lifespan by protecting it from environmental damage.

Why Use Car Valeting?

Enhanced Appearance: Car valeting can significantly improve the appearance of a vehicle, both inside and out. It can restore the vehicle's shine, remove stains, and bring back a like-new look, which can be particularly important for those who take pride in the appearance of their cars.

Maintenance: Regular car valeting helps maintain the condition of a vehicle. It can prevent the buildup of dirt, grime, and contaminants that can lead to paint damage and corrosion over time. It also extends the lifespan of the interior materials.

Resale Value: A well-maintained and well-detailed vehicle tends to have a higher resale value. When it comes time to sell or trade in your car, potential buyers or dealerships are often willing to pay more for a vehicle that looks clean and well-cared for.

Protection: Many car valeting services include protective treatments such as waxing, sealing, or ceramic coating. These treatments create a barrier that shields the vehicle's exterior from UV rays, road debris, and environmental pollutants, thus helping to preserve the paint and finish.

Health and Comfort: Interior car valeting involves thorough cleaning and sanitization. This can remove allergens, dust, and bacteria from the vehicle's interior, creating a healthier and more comfortable environment for the occupants.

Convenience: Car valeting services save car owners time and effort. Instead of spending hours cleaning and detailing the vehicle themselves, they can have it professionally cleaned and restored while they focus on other tasks.

Special Occasions: Some people opt for car valeting before special occasions like weddings, proms, or important meetings, where they want their vehicle to look its absolute best.

Professional Expertise: Car valeting professionals have the knowledge, tools, and products to clean and detail a vehicle effectively and safely. They are trained to handle different types of surfaces and materials, ensuring that the vehicle is treated with care.

Preserving Investment: For those who invest in high-end or luxury vehicles, car valeting is a way to protect their investment. Proper maintenance and detailing can help retain the value and condition of these valuable assets.

Enjoyment: Some car enthusiasts simply enjoy having a meticulously clean and detailed vehicle. It can enhance their driving experience and satisfaction with their car.

Overall, car valeting offers a convenient and effective way to maintain and enhance the appearance, value, and condition of a vehicle. It can be a worthwhile investment for those who want to keep their cars looking their best and extend their lifespan.

FROM £35.50

EXTERIOR – Non-acidic wheel cleaner applied to wheels, citrus pre-wash applied to the exterior to lift and remove all surface grime from the vehicle. Then, it’s rinsed down, and a ceramic-safe snow foam is applied to the paintwork. A two-bucket method is used, and a 100% lambswool mitt is used for washing the vehicle.

INTERIOR – Upholstery and the boot compartment are vacuumed. The dashboard and plastics are cleaned and dressed. Door panels are wiped and dressed, and interior windows are cleaned. An air freshener is applied.

FROM £62.50

All of Mini Valet Service, plus:

EXTERIOR – Spray wax applied to paintwork and wheels then rinsed off. Then vehicle is dried with our car dryer or a plush microfiber towel.

INTERIOR – Thoroughly hoovered, all plastics cleaned and protected, air vents cleaned and protected, door checks cleaned.”

FROM £87.50
All of Half Vallet Service, plus:

EXTERIOR – All tar removed from the vehicle then rinsed down. 6 months of protection applied to all exterior surfaces, including wheels.

INTERIOR – Thoroughly hoovered and then fully shampooed to remove any stains or general marks on seats or carpets. Roof lining also shampooed depending on the material.”

FROM £115.50

All of Gold Full Valet, plus:

EXTERIOR – Engine bay fully degreased and detailed, all plastic fully protected in the engine bay, paintwork fully polished, door shuts and wheels leaving the vehicle protected for up to 12 months.